Thursday, January 21, 2010

Breakfast at Rudy's

We went to Rudy's in West End for breakfast yesterday morning. Two cruise
ships were already in port and some of the cruisers were in West End,
kayaking or snorkeling. It was a beautiful, sunny morning with a
great breeze and turquoise water.

We met an interesting couple from New Jersey while at Rudy's. They've
visited every Caribbean island and every Central American country.
They never visit any place twice. They said they were most impressed
with Roatan and thought this island had all the good things with none
of the bad (over-development, terrible crime, over-priced lodging and
food). They thought we had made a wise choice in settling here.

After breakfast, we walked along the beach, up past SueƱo del Mar where we found this sign hanging in a beach bar.

It turned into a very hot day when the winds died. We spent the afternoon hanging pictures and putting up more hooks in the bathrooms and closet, as well as some decorative hooks for hanging hats and the like. I also spent considerable time being very technologically frustrated - more on that another time.

Last night, we picked up Kris and headed to the Oasis to grab a bite to eat before the movie premiere. Yes, that's right...a movie premiere...right here on Roatan! The movie, Tranquil Seas, was produced by Tim Blanton, a diver and photographer who has lived on Roatan for 15 years. This was filmed and processed in high definition and is visually stunning. It reminded me of Planet Earth or Blue Planet. It was filmed in various places like the Solomon Islands in the Pacific, Australia, North Carolina, Mexico, but 40% of it was filmed right here in the Bay Islands reef. His focus was primarily on macro photography - tiny, colorful fish as small as 1/4 inch long.  There was a voluntary cover-charge to see the film; the money went to the Roatan Marine Park to help support their work. With nearly 100 people in attendance, over $1,500. was raised. A fun evening.

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  1. how fun! I saw some talk on the forums about this premiere and wondered if you guys would go or not. That is a lot of money for the marine park! Woohoo!