Saturday, January 9, 2010

Catching Up

We're still settling in and catching up. Yesterday we did some laundry and gave the tile floors a serious scrubbing with the Floormate (love that machine!). Our house guest, Kristin, has begun looking for a place to rent, so she's been in contact with old friends, using the island grapevine for leads on available places.

We've also been pretty social this week, visiting friends around the island. We dropped Kris off in West End to visit with friends and then drove out to West Bay to visit  former neighbors and friends, Colin and Kellie, before they leave for a 10 day visit to Florida. They've moved again, now staying in the fabulous condos at Keyhole Bay. Kellie still has Moe, the crazy cat we've often cat-sat, who seems to have settled down. He did not attack our feet or nip either one of us. Kellie has also acquired a dog, a chihuahua named Cosita who is smaller than the cat...a lot smaller. Kellie greeted us at the door with Cosita in her arms, dressed in a sparkly little outfit (Cosita, not Kellie) and immediately led us to her room to show off the rest of Cosita's wardrobe. Cosita is such a tiny little thing, she probably enjoys the warmth of being dressed in little outfits. She is very sweet and lovable and apparently gets along pretty well with Moe, now that he's reconciled himself to the idea that she's not leaving anytime soon. He's probably thankful that Kellie doesn't try to dress him as much, although she did try to stuff him into a little black tuxedo-looking vest outift; he wasn't thrilled.

Colin's latest housekeeper/cook prepared a wonderful lunch for us: curried chicken breasts, rice cooked with curry and spicy black beans. Delish! Colin now has his boat club up and running and was taking a client out on one of the boats. He invited us to go, but we declined this time - I'm fighting a bit of a sore throat.

After we picked Kris up, we drove her back to Sandy Bay to look at a house that will soon be available. It didn't seem to be a good choice for her though. Not sure she would be safe enough in that spot. So, she'll stay with us and keep looking. She'll be housesitting for other friends the last half of this month which will give her more time to find something suitable.

Don had a men's dinner/fellowship event at church last night. Kris and I went to Bob and Debi's for their Friday night pizza and fun. Great pizzas, homemade crusts - so good. Debi had purchased Blindside from the movie pirate, so we settled in to watch. Excellent movie. If you haven't yet seen it, you should.

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