Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Air Show

We went to West Bay yesterday afternoon with Bob, Debi and Emily to snorkel and to watch the air show. The pilots were all staying at Infinity Bay and the place was packed. Lots of extra tables and chairs set up, music playing, a beach buffet being served. The beach was full of people, cameras in hand, watching the show. I forgot my camera, left it at home!! Debi left hers in the car. Thankfully, Emily had brought hers, so she and Debi managed to get some really good shots of the show and were kind enough to share these with me.  Thanks, mi amigas!!
The Carnival Legend was leaving the island just as the air show began. This made for a great photo op for us and I imagine the passengers had a pretty good view of the show as well.

There were two bi-planes and one monoplane doing stunts: climb and stall, loops and rolls, flying so low over the water that they frightened snorkelers and fish alike. They performed for about 90 minutes. It was a crazy, loud, wonderful show. 

We did snorkel during the last part of the show. The fish were quite obviously disturbed by the noise or the vibration; it was interesting to watch them react when the planes came really low just above the water. At one point, Debi and I both popped our heads up above water and said "this is a bit scary! Maybe we should go back in." But we toughed it out. The water was still a bit murky from the huge storm on Wednesday night and the high waves on Thursday, so visibility was not as great. That didn't stop Bob and Emily from going waaaaay out, looking for sea turtles.

We had a great time.

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