Sunday, February 21, 2010

Island Visits

I've been neglecting my blogging and now have a backlog of things to talk about, so this is the second blog for today...

Today was just a fabulous day, starting with worship at Sonrise this morning. The teams from Michigan and Minnesota were loading up their luggage, ready to depart for the airport right after worship. Don worked with these teams this week, building a house in Flowers Bay for a woman from our church. I'll let Don tell you about his experience in another blog.

The second thing I noticed today was that the church was packed, and not just with the teams...there were a LOT of people there from the colonia. No doubt the result of the teams working up there this week. Amazing. And tons of kids in childrens' worship. One of those people attending today was our gardener, Enrique...then I noticed his son, Carlos, was also there. Very cool!!

One of the teams put on an incredible skit, telling the story of the Bread of Life, pretty much in pantomime and with great music in the background. We had singing in Spanish and English.
 The sermon was delivered by a pastor with the Minnesota team and as usual, was translated by our friend and former Spanish teacher,  Esmerelda. Just an excellent message and great worship.

We thought there was going to be a baptism today, in the sea, and we were looking forward to that, but for some reason, it was postponed until next week.

We had been invited to come visit our friend George, the cab driver we recently helped, at his home and meet his wife. (I blogged about him coming to visit us recently and bringing his three sweet children.) We had told him we would be there around 1:30, after the baptism. Since that was postponed, we first had lunch before going to George's house. As we walked up the steps to the house and saw the chicken being barbequed, we had a sinking feeling that we had just made a faux pax. Yup, they were expecting us for lunch, and his wife had been cooking all morning. Oh my! Somehow, when Don and George were making plans, that was not well communicated. It really got lost when George and Kris first talked and then Kris had Don follow up with George. We felt just horrible!! But they were very gracious about it, and his wife packed up plates of food for us to take home for our supper tonight. We had a lovely visit and enjoyed meeting his wife and two of her sisters. George is "Spanish", meaning he's from the mainland and speaks Spanish (although he is bilingual); his wife is an islander and speaks English, so we are getting quite an education in Honduran life and culture from the two of them.  Next time, Kris will fix lunch for them - and make sure that is clearly communicated!


  1. what a wonderful day!
    those island women really know how to bbq chicken. i bet it was delicious! isn't it wonderful to get to know the people here?! they are so kind and hospitable. truly it is the people on this island that convinced us to move here.

  2. what a great day. That is funny about the miscommunication!