Monday, February 8, 2010


An update on how the yardwork is progressing. Above is a "before" photo of the fallen Pride of Barbadoes shrub laying across several hibiscus bushes.
This is "after" the cleanup and trimming. Of course, the trimming always removes most of the flowers on the bushes, but they were pretty wild. New flowers should appear soon.
This is taken from our bedroom window, looking at the steep slope down the side of our house.
This is where Don is building the stairway down the slope. I'm not allowed to go down there right now - it's so easy to slip on the loose gravel and keep on sliding. 
He's got a pretty good start on the first section of stairs. I'll sure be glad when I can go down there and tend my garden myself. I want to put a compost bin down there, too; our soil needs a bit of enriching in order to grow some veggies. I had a little herb garden started behind Don, but it hasn't survived our long absences. Soon, I'll be able to start fresh!

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