Monday, February 15, 2010

Before and After Enrique

Top photo: before
Next photos: after
Enrique spent two weeks working on our hillside. We were very pleased with his work. He didn't overdo the trimming, and, as you can see, things are blooming again. This morning  I decided to walk down the steep driveway to nowhere just down the hill from our house and then climb up the hill directly behind our house in order to get some photos of the newly cleaned up yard. I was able to climb a little bit higher this time and get some better shots than in the "before" picture. And I didn't even slip-slide down the hill on my bottom this time, and I did manage to avoid all the fire ants, except one. Ouch!
Going down.
The climb back up. Good workout. Note to self: might be an idea to wear shoes other than flipflops though.

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  1. love that house on the hillside! Can't wait to get back.