Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spanish Lessons

We've been continuing our Spanish studies and have been meeting with our friend, Kristin, and pal, Olman for bilingual lessons. Olman is a young, Spanish-speaking security guard whom Kris befriended last year. He is as eager to learn English as we are Spanish....actually, he's much more enthusiastic. Look at that big smile! He gets so tickled when his pronunciation is correct; he has as much difficulty as we do with making certain sounds. He is also really excited when I am able to roll my r's.  Kris and Don have been taking turns preparing our lessons and we all learn together. Olman will quiz us, too. We have lots of fun. 
After our lesson, we gave Olman a ride back to West End. Kris needed a few things, so she came along. Don is sitting in the shade, waiting for her to finish her errands.
This is one of the vegetable vendor trucks. They pick up fresh produce from the mainland, brought over on the ferry, every Tuesday and Friday. There are always two or three of these trucks parked in West End. I like how he hangs his scale from a branch of the tree. 
Kris is buying some avocados. The island avocados aren't producing yet and neither are the mangos.  We like doing business with this man, but we'll often see who has the best looking produce. 
Our Spanish lessons come in handy here; most of these vendors speak Spanish.

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