Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Almost Sailing

It's been a tough week to be here so far from home. My dad has been really ill since his surgery a week ago. His sodium level was extremely low, causing lots of problems, and he had a number of other complications. I've been sticking close to the phone and the internet, staying in touch with my sister and mother as they care for him and talking to my dad frequently. He appears to have turned the corner. His sodium is almost back up to low normal, his other problems are resolving, so he may go home today. Good news indeed. I'm still waiting to see if I need to fly up there and help out once my sister goes home. 

So, it was a nice stress reliever to be invited aboard our friends' sailboat to go out to the reef to swim and snorkel. As it turned out, it wasn't the best day to snorkel - lots of clouds decrease visibility and dim the colors underwater and the rough water makes swimming more challenging, but did that stop us? Oh no!!
We still managed to have a pretty good time. The coral was very nice in this spot; I want to go back on a sunny day when I can better appreciate the colors. 

Aboard the Vicks' sailboat. Gilbert, sitting in the bow is watching Snider manuver through the reef. Mindy is enjoying a little nap.
We didn't put the sails up, just motored out to the reef.

That's a nice little swim platform that their neighbor put out near the reef.

Visiting with Don and Anita from Tennessee who have been looking at property on the island. They were at church Sunday and were also invited to come along. Nice people.
That's Lynn on the left in the yellow cap and me in the white one. 

Snider at the wheel and a Vancouver visitor, Raymond, sitting on the right.
Where is my Don? He's back there somewhere, managing to avoid the camera.

This bit of green is Man 'O War Cay, a privately owned island very near the Vicks' home. It was once owned by their friends but recently was sold to a wealthy man of mystery. Rumor has it that it's Sylvester Stallone. Or Michael Douglas. Or a wealthy recluse. No one knows for sure. Whoever he is, he flies in on his own private 727.

Dare to dream. 
This catamaran is owned by a youngish couple who traded their house for a boat and are now living aboard, sailing around wherever the urge takes them. They heard about Roatan and decided to check it out. They were fortunate enough to meet the Vicks who offered to let them moor their boat at their dock.
Next they'll try to trade their house in Vail for one on Roatan.

Rachel and Lance - dare to dream!!

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  1. oh we're dreaming! If we could make money off the dreams we'd already be there!

    great pics! I wonder who the new island owner is! Very exciting.

    Sure wish that sailboat would be around when we're there!