Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Great Birthday

Yesterday was Don's 65th birthday.  A milestone. We invited some dear friends to come help us celebrate...Bob and Rick...
Luz Maria, Emily and Debi.
"Come early", I said, "we'll watch the sunset together". The afternoon had been clear, right up to the arrival of our guests, then the clouds moved in. The actual sunset was obscured by a massive cloud bank, but the lingering colors in the sky were lovely. 
I had found a nice big beef roast in the supermarket last week. A rare find here on the island. Don loves roast beef, so that's what we had for his birthday meal. Debi and Emily wanted to make his birthday cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing...his favorite. Emily got creative and gave him a binary code cake: "Happy 65th Binary" and spelled his name in binary code (ones and zeros). Very cute! 
A bit of explanation for this: Don spends quite a bit of time with binary code these days. He's writing a computer program in Java for a complicated card game that our family enjoys.

After a wonderful meal and sharing our thoughts on why we appreciate Don, we set up our outdoor movie theatre and watched the video "Everything Is Spiritual" by Rob Bell. We love that video and were happy to share it with our friends. They loved it, too. 
A wonderful evening for a wonderful man. 


  1. Ok, I stand corrected. Don just read this and chuckled. He said "binary code is machine language. I don't write program in binary. I write in Java." Well, ok, but still, the cake was cute!!

  2. HAHAHAHHA....that is funny. Very clever cake idea! Cool that you guys got to watch that video, too!

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  4. we had a wonderful time! glad our lives are intertwined together.. here's to many more birthday celebrations together....

    hmmmm... what shall we do on thursday, hey birthday girl?