Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunsets and Radiators

Last night's sunset was rather pretty. I always think clouds add interest to the setting sun, although far too often the clouds roll up and obscure the end of the sunset. That happened last night, but not before I got some nice shots.

Mr. Orange Shirt, the radiator mechanic I mentioned yesterday, called to report his findings. First, his name is Raoul. Second, he's pretty sure that he can solder the leak in the radiator. Third, one of the fans burned up and will have to be replaced; he will have to order the part from the mainland. Don got a ride up to his shop this morning to take him the money to order the part. No one on this island orders parts without having the money in hand first. The price? 2400 lempiras, or $159.00. He will charge us about $37.00 to do the soldering work. That's all. Amazing, isn't it? If the fan comes in on the ferry tonight, he'll have the car ready for us by tomorrow night. We'll see.

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