Monday, April 12, 2010

A Garifuna Celebration

Debi and I went to Punta Gorda today for the annual Garifuna celebration. This is the 213th year since their arrival on Roatan. They parade through the town, along the beach, have a reenactment of their landing on Roatan, dance, sing and drum, sell Garifuna cuisine and crafts. Bob and Emily came a bit later and met us there. Such a good time!
I'm trying to pass as a dancer. Maybe I should have worn a hat to match my shirt? And learned some moves.
The dancers wore very colorful outfits.
The younger kids, lining up for the start of the parade. Most of them were dressed up, either in a costume or a new dress with matching head wrap. So many of the little girls had fancy braids and beads.
Debi and I taking a break from the sun and the walking.
The older women dancing the Punta, a fertility dance. Boy, can they shake those hips!!
The drummers, young and old. 
Lots of pretty babies, but this one stole my heart. 
Debi took this one. She was struck by the beautiful profile on this young woman. I love her colorful dress and headwrap, too. 
We had such a lovely day. The weather was wonderful, not too hot.  The Garifuna are friendly, warm people.  We had really good food for lunch - barbequed chicken, beans, potato salad and tortillas. Great entertainment and fabulous people watching. 


  1. it was a wonderful day. i believe for the record... i took the last 4 photos you posted here!!! tee hee!!

  2. I love your pictures. They are beautiful. I am a native of Punta Gorda and unfortunately missed the celebration this year. Thanks for sharing these pics.

  3. Hi Debi,

    Thank you for sharing those picture with us, they're beautiful. I came to the Island after the celebration, but I remember way back that it was really amazing and still is.

    Thanks again