Thursday, April 15, 2010

They Say It's My Birthday

What a great way to celebrate a birthday, being serenaded on the beach in the tropics! 
We encountered these men, Lucas and Junior, just as we walked onto the beach from Kristin's house. They began to play as soon as they saw us and, of course, Kris told them it was my birthday, so I got Happy Birthday in English and Spanish. Lovely! 
Lucas's wife goes to our church, Sonrise Calvary Chapel, and Luz had just been talking to her a couple of days ago about Lucas's guitar playing on the beach. 
We walked down the beach to Celeste's Gourmet Baleadas where we ordered lobster and grouper baleadas. Delicious!! My lunch companions and good friends are Luz Maria, Kristin, and Debi. 
Celeste has about 5 parrots in the restaurant. This guy walked all around us, eyeing our baleadas, finally giving up and taking a little nap right behind my chair. Luz got a little excited when another parrot hopped down on the table next to her plate. Debi, our bird lover, came to her rescue and returned the bird to his perch.
Here are a few pictures from earlier in the day. We had this nice boa slither across our entrance to the deck. He finally crawled down under the deck and under the house. 
Just after the snake slid under the deck, this nice dog showed up. She comes to visit us every morning. Think she must belong to the new neighbors whom we have not met yet.
It you look closely at the tops of those trees by the water (Gibson's Bight), you'll see lots of white birds sitting in the trees. I've never seen this before with this type of bird. We got out the telescope and they look somewhat like egrets, but with a tannish upper wing and face/beak.  I think they must be migrating based on the size of the flock and that they all flew in and landed together. An interesting sight.

Also, while we were eating breakfast on the deck and wondering about these birds, Esmerelda, our Canvit's Emerald hummingbird,  came to visit us and even landed on the bit of clothesline where she built her nest last year. She flew to each window and looked inside, checking out the house to see if we've made any changes. She may be planning a return. She'll be happy to see the hummingbird feeder Kris gave me for my birthday.

So it's been a good birthday so far, and there's more to come...

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  1. Sounds like a a wonderful day! Man, have you named that Boa yet? I still like Balthazar even though it isn't Spanish.