Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Disgusting

What a strange day this has been, full of odd happenings, like text messages that show up a day later, out of sequence in a string of messages. 
An even more unusual thing occurred this morning that also qualifies in both the bad and the disgusting category:
 I walked out onto the deck after it had gotten light and noticed something on one of the lounge chairs. As I walked towards it, I first thought it was a large shrimp (oxymoron). Well, that's a crazy thought! Why would there be a shrimp laying on the lounger? As I got closer, I realized that it wasn't a shrimp. It was surrounded by tufts of short fur and a few spots of blood. What on earth?!? What is that? Then I knew. It was a fetus!! What kind of animal I couldn't tell, but I suspect a cat. Good grief! What a way to start the day.

That's not all. The toilet in the master bath decided to quit working. Don looked at it but couldn't fix it. The tank won't fill. The satellite connection wasn't connecting early this morning, so no internet. Finally, it came back on, just in time for the power failure. Just as the washing machine was getting ready to spin. Sigh. But, at least the power outage only lasted about an hour. Just a little delay in doing laundry and checking e-mail.

The satellite outage and power failure also meant that I couldn't get a signal on my blackberry phone which I use on a wi-fi setting to call the U.S. My dad was having surgery today so that caused a few anxious moments. Even when the connections were restored, there was a delay in getting a signal again. Finally I got a text message from my daughter saying that my dad's surgery had been moved up and he was in surgery right then, several hours ahead of schedule. I was then able to call my sister to check on Daddy twice and fortunate enough to not lose the signal during either call. 

The good news is that the surgery went well. His carotid artery looked like swiss cheese stuffed with little clots. His surgeon said he was very fortunate. His EEG function slowed down a little during the surgery which caused the surgeon to finish as quickly as he could. Daddy seems to be ok, but the doctor said he would be able to make a better assessment in the morning, so please, keep praying.

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