Friday, October 3, 2008

The Adventures of Bluehead

We have grown very fond of this blueheaded gecko and enjoy watching what he's up to as he darts around the deck, up the side of the house, along the gutters. We have often observed a curious action: he bobs his head several times and then puffs out his throat into a red bubble.
Puff Daddy.

I've tried several times to get a really clear photo, but this is the best I've managed. I've wondered if it was part of a mating ritual or a warning to me to back off buster. Apparently it is the mating dance. I noticed him eyeing a smaller, all green female gecko and then going into the head bob and throat puff. He did this several times. She wasn't impressed, gave him the cold shoulder and ran off down the deck. Soon, another even smaller female came along. He hesitated, maybe she was a bit young, then decided what the heck, go for it. She also was not the least bit interested and took off.
At that point he was so dejected, he
plopped himself down flat on the wet deck. You could almost hear him sigh. So sad.

Today he had another really big adventure when he spotted a very large moth hiding in the eaves of the house, just under the gutter. He crept closer and closer, and the moth seemed quite unaware of the approaching danger.

Just as he was about to pounce, the moth suddenly took flight. He was out of luck again. Really, this was a very large moth, with a wing span of 3 or 4 inches; he is perhaps 3 inches long. I didn't know how he would even manage such a big feast.

He finally got his prey, but I still don't know how he'll choke all
of that down.

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  1. I can't believe you called him Puff Daddy. That reminds me of the time you said "hammer time"