Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Yesterday was apparently visiting day; we had people coming and going all day long. Our gardener, Joe Leandro, was here at 7 a.m. and worked until 3:30. He cut an enormous stalk of little apple bananas for us, must have weighed 40 lbs! He worked along the road in front of our house, thinning out the bird of paradise and trimming trees and shrubs. He seems to prefer working on our steep hillside, though. He's a hard worker. We keep him well supplied with cold drinking water.

Dennis and Merlin both stopped by at different times to chat. Dennis is weary. Two sections of their retaining wall around the hillside have collapsed from all the rain, and really, from improper construction. He was very upset about that. We've had to park our car in a different place due to all the debris in the road.

They had to run into Coxen Hole and while there Merlin checked at the post office for Rachel's letter; it's not there yet, but it's only been 5 weeks since she mailed it from L.A.

We met our future new neighbor, Naomi. She owns the lot next to us and had hoped to retire from nursing and move here in the coming year. That's been postponed now because of the economy in the U.S. She brought her cousin, who is an engineer, with her, and they wanted to see the construction of our house. She has plans for a tri-level house built along the hill with several decks, and was concerned about the lot facing the west and getting all the afternoon sun. We gave them the tour and then sat and visited on the deck. They were impressed with our multitude of ceiling fans, gable fans and sun shades for the deck. She's a Nicaraguan but has lived in the States most of her life.

We had Colin, Kaleen and Kelly come down for the sunset and nachos grande on the deck, and enjoyed hearing more about their trip to Copan and all the adventures. They met the pastor of a 30,000 member church, with an average attendance of 27,000! They saw the church and said it is just immense. The t.v. screen on one wall is as large as a football field. This church would like to help Colin in his mission work here. They also met the new U.S. ambassador to Honduras and he was also quite interested in Colin's work here.

It was a very enjoyable day on the deck.

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  1. ok, now where is Naomi building this enormous house? did you tell her about the lack of breeze?

    I can't believe the retaining wall fell! that stinks. Poor Dennis. Maybe after the over the hill house is done he really will retire.