Monday, October 27, 2008

Going Nowhere

Man, it's cold here! It's been in the 40s all day and we are having a tough time adjusting. And yes, Judy already told me that's it going to be even colder tomorrow. Ugh.

The car problems have continued. Pearl (my car) wouldn't start this morning, even after being on the charger all night. The poor battery is just shot. I was hoping to drive up to Sam's Club and have a new battery put in. This was a problem. Only one car, our wonderful neighbors have moved out of state, so I started making phone calls. Called my friend, Deb, who said she would be happy to take me if she was here, but she was in Abilene, TX. Called several other friends and neighbors before I found someone who was both home and available. While we were off at Sam's buying the new battery, our neighbors 2 doors up got my message and came over. Don was able to get Jim and Kathy's new phone number from them and called to see if they had the car keys or knew where they were. Jim had put them in a safe place in the garage. Whew!

So, armed with a new battery and car keys, I finished making out my grocery list and looked through the pantry to see if there was anything else needed. That's when I noticed a big black gooey mess on the pullout shelf where I keep canned goods. One of the cans had sprung a leak. Don offered to clean that up while I drove off to the store.

American grocery stores are just amazing. What a selection. And what good looking meat! I did have sticker shock on some things, like fresh vegetables that I had been buying on the island for cheap. I mean really, $2.00 for one avocado?? Other prices were quite a bit less than what we have to pay in Roatan. As high priced as cereal is here, it's still less than $7.00 box. I also noticed the cheap gas prices while I was out. We had been paying over $5.00/gal. on the island., I don't know if prices have dropped there as well.

No mail yet. I went to the post office to see about getting it delivered here again instead of being forwarded to Rachel. They said if I had put a start and stop date on the request form, it would automatically resume today. It didn't. Either we really didn't have any mail or someone got their wires crossed. Not even a piece of junk mail. Oh well, I'm not used to getting mail anymore anyway. Perhaps maƱana.

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  1. who ever heard of a can springing a leak in the pantry?? It isn't like you were gone for 5 years!

    Craziness!! You'll need to designate someone to drive Pearl every so often when you leave next time!!!

    I bet it is nice to not have to determine what country your meat comes from now! Ha!