Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shhhh! Baby's sleeping.

We are baby-sitting for a few days. Ok, kitty-sitting, but he is a baby, just 7 weeks old. He belongs to our young friend and neighbor, Kelly. Kelly's parents have gone to the mainland for a conference in Copan, Kelly has gone to stay with a schoolmate, and Moe has come to stay with us until Sunday afternoon. Moe was just 3 weeks old and motherless when adopted by Kelly, and he had to be fed every 3 hours. Now he's being weaned, learning to eat solid food, and only occasionally begging for a bottle. He still likes to be held, cradled in the crook of your arm, and if you rub his head, he will fall asleep before you can count to 5.

We are having such a good time playing with him. He is endlessly entertaining, chasing a ball of aluminum foil all over the house, or chasing his tail, or attacking our feet. And then, boom, next thing you know, he's sound asleep again.

We are having a delightfully cool day here, although a rainy one. It was 76 degrees when we awoke and is still 76 degrees at 1:40 p.m. Don thinks it is chilly and has been wearing a long sleeved shirt over his tee shirt. We had torrential rain all night with incredibly strong winds, the rain and wind continuing at a slower rate all day. My laundry was still damp at bedtime last night, so I left it hanging on the line (under the covered part of the deck); it was even more damp this morning and I had to resort to the dryer. We avoid using the dryer due to the ridiculously high electric rates here.
We have eaten all our meals indoors for the past 2 days - a first! We usually eat every meal out on the deck while watching the ocean. The sea is full of whitecaps, and the waves are pretty high as they break over the reef. The rainy season has begun.

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  1. what a cute little guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    76 degrees! A dream come true after all those sweltering afternoons. It will be nice to come and enjoy the cool days with you for once!

    Can you believe that yesterday- Oct 1- it was 100 in LA??? UGH. I was SO happy to come up the hill today and enjoy the cooler weather.

    I am writing you for the first time from my new deck! Courtesy of my neighbor's unsecured wireless!