Monday, October 6, 2008

Tropical Splendor


I have mentioned before that we live in the midst of a tropical garden. I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of some of the more beautiful flowers. There are so many flowering trees and plants here that I am not familiar with, and I've been trying to identify them. Our daughter-in-law, who is a scientist, is amused that I am becoming so interested in biology. I think it would be difficult to not be. I was really excited today to learn the name of one of the most colorful and one of my favorites:
Erythrina indica picta (or Coral Tree or Sunshine Tree)
We have many of these growing along the road in front of our house.

Purple bougainvillea. I love these! I don't have any purple ones yet, but we do have lots of the fushia colored ones. The purple variety is on my wish list.

Heliconia, lobster claw. I'm learning that there are many varieties of heliconia, many growing here on our hill.

Plumeria. I recently discovered this growing in Dennis' mom's yard, just down the hill from us, and this morning spotted it growing in Merlin's yard. I'll have to get a shoot from her, or whatever the procedure is for this plant. Merlin is incredibly generous about sharing any of her flowers with me.

Allamanda. Merlin is crazy about this yellow flower, and is planting it all along her side of the road. I love it too; it's so cheerful.

I'm going to post many of my flower photos on PicasaWeb in a new album. Click on the link at the upper left of this page to go to my photos.

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  1. are you guys going to be planting some stuff now that it is rainy season? fruits? veggies? flowers? plant some limes, avocados, cilantro and rum trees for me. (hahaha)