Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Divine Appointment

Yesterday morning we received a phone call from our friends and neighbors, Colin and Kaleen, who were over on the mainland at a conference in Copan. The car they were traveling in had broken an axle (!) on the road from Copan to San Pedro Sula. We had not heard of anyone breaking an axle in 30 years or more. Don's dad used to talk about how you were guaranteed at least three flat tires and one broken axle when making a round trip from Quincy, IL to Hannibal, MO, a distance one way of 17 miles, back in the 1920s.
Turns out there was a good reason for the broken axle. Colin told us later that the driver of their car was traveling 70 mph over rough roads when they encountered the largest pothole he has ever seen, 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep. They hit that sucker full speed, and that was it. They were a long way from anywhere and did not know how they would get back to SPS or if they would make it in time to catch their flight to Roatan that afternoon. We were to pick them up at the airport here on Roatan, and, of course, we have their kitten. Colin asked for prayers, so I immediately prayed for a Good Samaritan to come along, and barring that, for a divine intervention.
Colin called mid-afternoon and said they had made it to San Pedro Sula and it looked like they would be back on Roatan at 4 p.m. as planned, and boy! did they have some interesting stories to share.
Colin said that one minute after he asked me to pray, a car pulled up and a Honduran man asked if he could be of help. They explained the situation to him, and he took them back to his house. Turns out that he owns a large coffee business nearby, so they got a tour of the warehouse and processing plant plus a cup of coffee. They told him what they were doing in Honduras (missionary work) and he was so interested that he said he would come visit them on Roatan soon and talk to them about how he can help! He also offered the use of his house in Copan next summer when they return to go to language school. And then he had his driver take them to San Pedro Sula, usually a four hour trip one-way, but not to worry. The driver kept it on 100 mph., slowling down to 80 mph when absolutely necessary (sharp curve).
God has been doing amazing things almost daily in Colin's efforts to establish the drug/alcohol rehab center and the abused girls' home here on Roatan. It has been fascinating to be a witness to His work being done here. This was just one example.


  1. Great testimony of how ALIVE our Lord is! He was "speaking" to me some yesterday about how our victory is in JESUS. It's awesome to see that to be true. What seemed to be delay or inconvenience has more to do with Jesus wanting to make Himself known. Thanks Jeanette!

  2. awesome! I love stories like this! I tell you- any time a trip to the mainland happens you just know there will be good stories!