Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back to School Shopping

Yesterday we got Julisa registered for school. Leidy came along and gave Julisa a tour of the school while we were doing the paperwork. Julisa had a big smile on her face. Pretty sure she liked what she saw. We called her into the office to supply some contact information about her family and while she was sitting there, Don began shooting rubberbands at her. Sigh. I guess that's good preparation for returning to school though.

 We headed to the market next to pick up the uniform skirts from the tailor and to purchase the rest of their uniforms. In the photo above, they are looking over the selection of the required black school shoes.

We let them walk up and down the market street looking at the goods on display before they made their backpack selection. Julisa chose a Hannah Montana book bag and Leidy selected Cinderella. They were very pleased with their finds. They also both asked for and received Cinderella water bottles.

 The girls look on as the sales clerk calculates the cost. Doesn't Leidy have beautiful hair? We bought most of their uniform needs at this one shop: white shirts, undershirts, socks and shoes. We also bought tennis shoes for their "physical" class. They will still need green pants to wear on Friday for the "physical" class. We'll buy them through the school.

                                       Sizing up Leidy as Julisa grins in the background.

The market place is always fascinating and colorful. The girls really enjoyed the experience (they don't normally get to come here) and loved being able to pick out their own things...and new things at that!!

They wanted to buy their other school supplies, but we told them that we would wait until their teachers gave them the list for their grade level which should happen on the first day of school.

Then it was lunch time. We took them to a local favorite eating place beside our bank on the main street. We had baleadas and pastellitas and sodas for 4 for a total of $7.20. Not bad! For dessert, we bought a bag of sliced green mangoes from a street vendor. Leidy asked the vendor to add salt and a red vinegar to the bag and proceeded to enjoy. Julisa made an awful face when she tried them and wanted no more. I prefer my mangoes to be ripe, but many of the island people like them when they are still green.

We dropped the girls off in the colonia and they scampered off up the hill carrying their bags, happy and full.

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  1. What a great day! Thanks for sharing it with us.