Wednesday, January 25, 2012

School Prep

Winter break is almost over. The new school year begins in about 3 weeks and preparations are underway. Monday we went to Louisa Trundle school with our other sponsor friends and registered 8 of the 9 children that we will be sending there this year. We were so impressed with the technological progress the administration has made since last year. We registered all 8 kids in about 30 minutes this year, compared to the incredibly long morning we spent registering 5 kids last year. They are computerizing more and more of their records, and were we glad to hear that! Part of last year's lengthy (and irritating) registration was from us having to fill out monthly payment books for each child, even though we paid for the full year's tuition up front. The kids had to present their paid receipt book every quarter when they took exams. This year there were no books!! They have all the information now on the computer so the kids no longer have to worry about producing the receipts at exam time.

The one child whom we still need to register is Julisa. After talking with her after church on Sunday, we made the decision to send her with the other kids. She is bright, curious, eager to learn and very much wants a chance to attend a bilingual private school. We are sharing sponsorship of her with our daughter and son-in-law which will cover registration and tuition for the year. We still need to provide for transportation at $32. per month for 10 months, and also books, uniforms and school supplies for another $190. or so plus some money set aside for those pesky incidentals. We have a couple of friends who have made donations (thank you!), but we would be very grateful for a little more help. You honestly could not find a better way to spend any extra money you might have.  A bilingual education gives these Spanish speaking children a real chance to have a better life and to earn a decent living. The private school provides a real education; the public schools are ill equipped and staffed with either poorly trained teachers or apathetic teachers. The children learn very little there even when the teachers show up - they often don't. The Honduran public school system is truly abysmal.

We are stepping out in faith here with Julisa, confident that God will provide the remaining support through some of you. Please prayerfully consider making a difference in the life of a young person.
If you would like to make a tax deductible charitable contribution, let me know and I will send you the paypal information.


  1. Absolutely, we would love to help! Please send me the info!

  2. Gary and Carol Schreiner

    Please send us the information.