Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Bread Is Back!

Today's shopping adventure was more productive than last week's. After searching in 3 stores today, we found bread! I was beginning to fear that the Bimbo bread man had disappeared again. The stores were also well stocked with produce and dairy (although not everything I needed). Poor Don has been wanting hot dogs (I don't know why...he just likes them every now and then) but the only ones he could find that were beef hot dogs were $7.00 a package. We just refused to buy them at that price. He's leery of chicken or turkey hot dogs which were more reasonably priced (at about $4-5.)

After spending a weekend, actually 3 days, with either no internet service or an extremely slow connection, we decided it was time to recharge our stick modems that we keep as backups for such times. Normally our satellite connection is very dependable, but they were certainly experiencing some problems over the weekend. At least we were able to have a nice Skype visit with little Simon before losing it. I don't know if running the Skype video constitutes "streaming video" or not, but part of our problem was that we had exceeded our download limit of 200mb per day and when Don was able to get onto the HughesNet website to check the status, he got that message: excessive streaming video usage. Sheesh! We never watch any t.v. or even much YouTube on the computers and are careful about how much we download, so we were very surprised at this development. They "punish" you by slowing down your connection speed to painful levels...just not worth it.

We also had to revisit the Claro phone store. Don has been trying to reload his Claro stick modem without luck. Today he wanted me to go in and have the English speaking employee show me exactly how to do it. It turns out that they had neglected to tell Don one critical step in the process: you must first remove the SIM card from the modem, insert it into the phone and load the minutes onto that SIM card before proceeding. He was loading the minutes onto his phone's SIM card, then switching them and sending the text message to reload the modem. So now he has more minutes on his phone than he is likely to use during our remaining time on the island, and they will expire in April.  But, we are back in business and fully connected. Yippee!!

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