Friday, January 27, 2012

Kids on the Beach

Today we took 7 of the 9 sponsored school kids to the beach in West Bay. Most had never been to that beach. I was afraid they might be disappointed that they couldn't swim in the infinity pool, but once they saw the beach and the beautiful turquoise water, they were hooked.

I honestly don't know who had more fun or the kids. It was such a joy watching them playing, helping them learn to swim and float on their backs, learning to use a snorkel. When we brought out the air mattresses, they couldn't blow them up fast enough. They loved floating around on them and they loved tormenting one another, although they were really very good about sharing.

 Rick demonstrating how to use a snorkel. They all had to try on his big mask and were thrilled to see the fish and breathe through the snorkel. Hasey got so excited that she tried catching the little fish in the shallower water with her hands. The fish got excited too.
 I love this photo of them paddling around on their brightly colored air mattresses in the crystal clear water. They loved it too.
 Here they are after lots of swimming, waiting on lunch. Carlos, Hilda, Julisa, Karla, Leidy, Hasey, Greicy.
They were starving! They quickly demolished two very large pizzas. Hilda decided that her pizza needed some catsup and applied it liberally. She apparently liked it because she ate several pieces that way. They also devoured most of Don's french fries! They were very quiet during lunch, focused on eating. I passed around a bag of mango candies for dessert...gotta have dessert with kids.

No one argued or fussed when it was time to go home. They were all very tired, and so were we.

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