Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Visit to The Tailor

Yesterday I met Leidy and Julisa at church. Julisa looked so cute...all dressed up in her best outfit and wearing her high heels. We were going to town and she wanted to look good, but I couldn't believe that she had walked down the steep paths from her house to church wearing heels. She was so excited now that she knows she will be going to Louisa Trundle School with the other kids from church. The girls talked all the way in to Coxen Hole.

Our first stop was at the photography studio to have Julisa's picture taken for her school ID. Her eyes were as big as saucers as she watched the guy do the digital processing and then the photos shot out of the machine. Leidy was busy watch the Smurfs on a t.v. over in the corner.

Our next stop was the tailor shop in the market to get their uniform skirts made. While the girls were writing down their names in the order book, Karla came in with her dad. Karla is being sponsored by Rachel and Lance. She gave me a really big hug and then left. She and her brother had just been measured for their uniforms.

Here's tiny waisted Julisa being measured for her skirt. It was a whole new experience for her. It was so nice to have Leidy along to explain everything to her. Julisa doesn't speak much English...yet! Leidy has learned so much English this past year that we are just blown away! It is so much easier for us to communicate with her and now for her to interpret for Julisa. I hope Julisa can pick it up as easily as the other kids have.

Leidy's turn to be measured. Although she has grown taller this past year, she is still just a tiny little thing.

All finished! The skirts cost about $15. apiece and will be ready Saturday, the tailor said. We'll go pick them up one day next week and finish shopping for the rest of their uniforms and backpacks. We're just waiting on a bit more support to come in.

On the drive back, I asked the girls if they were hungry (really a silly question...they are usually hungry!) and they both said yes! We stopped at a local eatery in Sandy Bay where they could get island type food and I let them order what they wanted. They both chose something called a tajades or tajadas. It was a BIG bowl layered with plantains, shredded cabbage, grated Honduran cheese, liberal application of hot sauce and a really big piece of meat, possibly beef, like a thin steak. The girls dove into it and then struggled with the meat. I sent them to the counter to get knives and then watched them awkwardly pulling at the meat with the knives. It was clear that they had never used a knife to cut meat. I offered my assistance and Leidy allowed me to cut hers. Julisa watched me and learned.

While we waited for the food to be prepared, we watched t.v. (neither girl has electricity, let alone a t.v.). I was glad that the very violent movie ended and the channel was switched to a children's program. They were very engrossed in watching while they ate and sipped their banana sodas. Julisa ate every bite of her meal. Leidy couldn't finish hers, so we wrapped it up to take home. They wanted to take the rest of their drinks, too. The cook didn't have any cups but gave them plastic bags to pour their drinks into. It is common for Hondurans to buy drinks in plastic bags, so they didn't think anything about it. This grand feast cost a total of $8.00 USD. It was probably the biggest meal they had had in a long time.

I dropped them off at the entrance to the colonia, happy and full. It was a fun day.

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