Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bragging Rights

I just have to share my morning with you. It was pouring down rain this morning when it was time to go to the Spanish womens' Bible study at our church. I've begun going to this because I love these women and it is good to fellowship with them. Also, since Luz and Rick returned to the island, she acts as interpreter for Tia, so I'm able to understand the lesson. I briefly considered not going due to the heavy rain but then God reminded me that the Spanish women from the colonia would all be there regardless of the rain...and they have to walk down those steep hills all the way to church. Ok, that was enough to compel me to grab my umbrella and go hop in my car for the short drive to church.

There were probably 40 women there! Clearly the rain doesn't stop them. Julisa smiled a big smile when she saw me come in and patted the chair next to her, so I went and sat between her and her step-mom. After a little while I became aware that her step-mom, Maria was very wet and very cold. She was wearing a sleeveless shirt, which was completely soaked, and a skirt. She had no jacket, no sweater and, obviously, no umbrella. She and Julisa have one of the longest walks to get to church, too. I realized just how cold she was when the young mother sitting next to her got up to go walk around with her fussy baby and Maria grabbed the baby's receiving blanket and draped it over her! I reached over to rub her back and she was soaking wet! No wonder she was so cold. She's also very, very thin.  I had brought  a number of empty gallon water jugs to church to leave for any of the women who might want them. I carried them in a kitchen sized garbage bag. When I realized how cold Maria was, I went out and got that trash bag, tore a hole in the bottom and put it over her like a rain coat. She quickly warmed up and had a big smile of gratitude. Sometimes, it's the little things.

The other very cool thing that happened was this: at the conclusion of the lesson, Tia always directs each table of women to pray for one another's needs. I'm sitting at a table of all Spanish speakers. Julisa speaks very little English and I speak very little Spanish...certainly not enough to understand requests and pray for them. We all sat there awhile. I understood that this was a table of women without a leader; no one felt comfortable stepping up...except Julisa!! After a little bit, with only a slight suggestion from me that someone needed to pray, she began asking each woman what their prayer need was and then she prayed for everyone!! Her personal prayer was thanking God for Mr. Don and I for our support of her so she can attend school! I was so proud of her!! I gave her such a big hug and told her so. All this from a recently baptized 14 year old girl. Pretty neat, huh?

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  1. Sorry we have not had the time to respond to your request in your former letter.

    We just need to know what we can do for the girl you wrote about before? It would help if we had some sort of a guide line. Do you need a reacurring donation each month to total a certain amount with other donations for the school, or would you prefer a one time donation? Do you have a total amount that you need? I am sorry I printed out the first letter from you and read it. I have it somewhere at home. You are doing a great work for these people and the women.

    We are interested in helping. We just do not know how much is needed and what we can give?

    Love your messages. Thanks for all that you do.

    Love, Gary and Carol Schreiner