Saturday, January 7, 2012

After Christmas Shopping

The shelves have been rather bare at the grocery stores this week. The reason seems to be a combination of bad weather and the New Year holiday; the ships have not been coming in. Our shelves at home were getting pretty bare, too, after the holidays, so we trudged off to the stores. We bought just a handful of the items on our list. We ran into one of the restaurant owners who was also lamenting the bare shelves. Everything he needed was nowhere to be found. I really sympathized with him. Hard to run a restaurant that way. We can always make do. There was literally no bread on the shelves, virtually no produce, little dairy. We stopped by the new Pollo Rey chicken outlet store. They had no chicken breasts.
Both big supermarkets said they were expecting a ship to come in the next day, or possibly the next.

The next day found us in French Harbor running some errands. We stopped at the big grocery store there to find the same mostly bare shelves - bare of the items I needed anyway. No bread anywhere. They did have tomatoes, onions and green peppers. Next stop was the Bulk Gourmet. We don't buy much there because everything is imported and the prices reflect that, but we do sometimes buy Black Angus burgers. They were out of them and many other things. They are expecting a big shipment on the 15th of the month. The Pollo Rey store in Los Fuertes did have some smaller packages of chicken breasts.

At least rice and beans are plentiful.  And we have some chicken now. We certainly won't starve, but I hope that ship comes soon.

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