Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tropical Christmas

This is what Christmas in the Caribbean looks like.  Not a snowflake in sight. Beautiful sunny morning, about 77 degrees. I took a breakfast casserole over to Bob and Debi's to share with them and Bob's cousin from Canada. Don, unfortunately, was not feeling well and stayed home on the futon.
We exchanged gifts and I received these lovely sandals. This photo really doesn't do justice to the sparkly beads. I also had a stocking full of little treats to open! I was very surprised to find a small gift from Rachel under the tree - beautiful necklace made by Pedro that she purchased from the Made in Roatan shop. Just what my outfit needed!

Thanks, Debi, for taking these photos.

                              Bob's cousin took this shot of Debi and I in front of her Christmas tree.
 Off to church to watch some of our kids sing Christmas carols in Spanish. They did a great job.
After church, some of the ladies served birthday cake for Jesus, made by Tia and Leah. Everyone enjoyed having cake and coffee.

After the cake, we began passing out the Christmas baskets that Tia, Lynne and I had put together. They were gratefully received.  Tia took this photo of Stephanie, Chuck and I handing out the baskets. Inside each one was the makings of a traditional Honduran Christmas lunch - sandwiches! Plus bags of Christmas cookies, fresh fruit and veggies and some staples like beans.
 Later that evening, we went back to Bob and Debi's to share a Christmas dinner with them, James, Zenola, and Carlos, his mom, Anna, his sister Kendi and her friend. It made for a nice full table. Don was feeling a little better and joined us. I had baked a turkey and Debi and I each made the other dishes. I took a plate of Christmas cookies which were a big hit. They don't usually get those. Neither Don nor Carlos ate very much though. Both not feeling that well.  Don got to open his Christmas gifts and stocking.
                                                Kendi, Jeanette, Anna, Debi and friend.
It was fun to share Christmas with these sweet people. Anna and the girls don't speak English, but we had no trouble sharing Christmas memories and laughs. Between Carlos, Zenola and Debi, we had plenty of translators. After dinner, Debi lit the advent candle. It was lovely.

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