Sunday, December 18, 2011

What Is Your Address?

This is too good to not share.
My cousin just sent an email asking for our address. This was my reply:

Do you mean mailing address? Technically it's Sandy Bay, Roatan, Isla
de Bahia, Honduras. No street addresses here. No mail delivery either.
Mail apparently goes to the mainland, sits around until they feel like
sending it over here (which could be weeks) and once on the island, it
sits in the post office until the addressee, in a moment of divine
insight thinks "I might have mail" and goes to check. He will then
have to root through a pile of unsorted mail and pick out his. 
This may require multiple trips;
the post office does not keep regular hours either. No one can figure out
their "schedule"....doesn't seem to be one. If you own a business, you
can get a P.O. box, but they are limited and if they are out when you
apply, you will be given a plastic bag to hang on a nail in the post
office! I am not making this up!! Oh yeah, and if the roof leaks,
which it probably will, your bag may fill with water. This actually
happened to a friend of mine!!
So, if you're wanting to send us a Christmas card, electronic would be
the best bet. In the meantime, here's a great conversation piece for
your Christmas gathering!! Your welcome.
Merry Christmas!!

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  1. HAHAHHA!!! I am having to post anonymously because everytime I try to comment on your blogs using my Google account it tells me I don't have permission. So, anyway, it is I! -- the Cat