Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monday Funday

 Yesterday we celebrated the 6th grade graduation of Hilda and Greicy. Don and I had decided to "gift" them with lunch and swimming when we couldn't think of another gift to take to their fiesta. I'm pretty sure they liked our gift best. They are part of the group of sponsored children that we and others support.  We invited Larry and Susan to join us. Susan tutors the girls and they are very comfortable around her.  I called Kent at Blue Bahia, told him what we wanted to do and asked if we could bring the girls to swim in his pool. He readily agreed. We had a great lunch and the girls put half of their lunches in boxes to take home (Kent gives large portions). Then they were ready to swim.
 Susan and I had picked up a couple of swimsuits from one of the second hand shops and she had a couple of others that had been donated by volunteers at the clinic. The girls took turns trying on the suits until they each found one that fit. They had such a good time in the water. We remembered that Hilda could swim and loved it, but were surprised to see Greicy take off swimming across the pool!
Hilda and Greicy are step-sisters and best friends. And very sweet girls.
 After awhile, they wanted to go out on the beach and sit in the sun and surf. I had to show them the outdoor shower where they could rinse off the sand before getting back in the pool. They liked that.
Miss Susan also got in the pool with them and managed to avoid most of the water fights. She did get a pretty good shower when a little four-year old girl dove into the pool right beside her and swam the length of the pool. We were all most impressed! The girls had a good time playing with the little girl and getting swimming tips from her. So funny.

When it was time to go, they wrapped the towels around them and with teeth chattering, climbed in the backseat of the car. Pretty soon they had their food boxes opened and were snacking on their leftovers. They had certainly burned a lot of calories in the pool and needed to refuel. We dropped them off at the road up to the colonia for their long climb up the hill to their house. Our car won't go up those terrible roads.

It was such a fun day. We'll have to print out some pictures to give them as a rememberance of a special time.

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