Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's In The Bag

                                             Making room for more 100 lb. food bags

 Santa's elves are busy working on the island this week. There are several food drives underway. Don and I are participating in two of them. Yesterday, we helped bag food for one of the largest food drives.

 Don drove Nidia, the main organizer of this event, to the market in Coxen Hole to pick up more huge sacks of rice, beans, flour, salt, boxes of tomato paste, lard, toilet paper, feminine products, candles, soap, coffee, spaghetti and more. Generous donations from many people provided the means to buy enough food to fill about 700 bags yesterday.
                              Four of the afternoon baggers: Don, Abraham, Nidia and Clarise.
Jeanette and Renee adding to the ever-growing pile of food bags. Renee took several days off from her job in Houston to come participate in the food drive.

Don went back this morning to help finish the bagging. Tomorrow the distribution begins about mid-island, gradually working towards the west end on Thursday and Friday. Nidia has mapped out a number of colonias that we will visit. In addition to the food, a very generous donation allowed for about 1000 little bags of candy and toys for the children. Should be a lot of fun. We're looking forward to bringing Christmas cheer to many families!

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