Friday, December 9, 2011

More Shopping Adventures

Sometimes, at the end of a crazy day, this is our reward.

We had a crazy day of running errands in French Harbor. Got as far as the airport when Don realized he didn’t have the bank book. Back-tracked. Banking was then pretty quick. The Claro store was not. Don bought a cell phone there (his first ever!) and tried to get his internet modem recharged. They were having some problem with their system and were unable to recharge it, so we left it and went on with our errands. Ace Hardware STILL does not have any kitchen faucets in stock. It has been at least a month since we ordered one. So glad we bought that cheap one for $30.00 which is working great. Bought one long strand of LED Christmas lights for the deck. $25.00! Which is why I only bought one.

Grocery shopped in Eldon’s. Check the prices of turkeys for Christmas dinner. Still $25.00 for a 12 lb. bird! Couldn’t find everything, of course. No cinnamon and no brown sugar! It was 12:30 and Don was getting cranky and went outside to sit and wait while I finished. I suggested lunch and we went to Herby’s. I tried the tortilla soup (good!) and the Greek salad, which wasn’t a true Greek salad but was still good. Don had the chicken fingers and fries – one of his favorites.

Back to Claro. Still could not activate the modem, but the phone was working. Asked to have the phone put in English and was told they couldn’t do that, only the message about his account balance could be put in English. Baloney! I have a Claro phone and my display is in English. Don’t think those 2 girls were all that competent. They said we would have to come back another day. So typical on Roatan. Forgot to ask Don’s phone number! I was able to call my phone with his phone and get the number.

Stopped at Plaza Mar. They also did not have any brown sugar or cinnamon. Asked Don to stop at the other Eldon’s, wait in the car and let me run in. George, our favorite taxi driver was there waiting on his fare. He talked to Don while I shopped. Success! Brown sugar and cinnamon, but no feta cheese or  orange juice. Can’t believe how hard it is to buy simple things here. George told us that he lost his Mahogany Bay (cruise ship pier) permit in an unprovoked attack by another driver at Mahogany Bay.  They both got kicked out and their permits taken. George was so upset. High season is finally here and now he will miss much business. He’s doing local fares and wanting to start a little tour business. I promised to speak to Bob and Debi about him, see if they could funnel some business his way. He's such a nice man. 

Back home, exhausted! Put the groceries away and sat for just a few minutes before it was time to take our new gardener Oscar and his 12 year old son, Oscarito,  back up to church. (Love them!!) We’ve been picking them up at 7:30 and dropping them back off there at 4:00. They still have a long walk up into the colonia.

Don said the next time I need to go shopping, please go alone!

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