Saturday, December 3, 2011

Love Letters

                                                                  Penny and Jeremy

Last night we got a bit of culture. Not the typical Honduran culture. The theatre kind of culture. We attended a dinner theatre performance of "Love Letters" starring our friend Jeremy Dyke (who is the pastor of the rChurch in West Bay) and Penny Leigh (owner of  Penelope's Island Emporium in West Bay and founder of Roatan Renegade Rescue). "Love Letters" is a two person play chronicling the lives of two long-time friends and the letters they exchanged. They simply read the letters they had received from one another from about third grade until middle-age when Melissa (Penny's character) dies but, boy! did they ever put feeling and expression into their readings. It was a bittersweet story very well acted by them both.

The dinner was fabulous as well. Kent Burnes of Blue Bahia hosted the event. He and his staff provided outstanding service and excellent food, as usual. Beef chursasco and garlic shrimp. Yum.

Penny told us that she and Jeremy will do another two person play after the holidays - a comedy. We can't wait to see it!!

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