Friday, December 23, 2011

Observations on Christmas

This is the least stressful Christmas I can recall. Being here on Roatan is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. We have no family coming; we celebrated an early Christmas with them in August. No gifts to buy, wrap, worry over. No crazy preparations to accommodate and feed a houseful of (beloved) houseguests for a week. None of the usual American hustle and bustle that can actually detract from the meaning of Christmas.

What are we doing then to celebrate here on the island? Helping with two food drives by donating money and time. We’ve helped pack food bags and baskets. Don has spent a long day (8-5) delivering food bags, candy and toys to the east side of the island with a group of wonderful volunteers (I was sick with a stomach ailment). We’ll both help deliver food today from Coxen Hole to Flowers Bay. I’ve baked 33 dozen cookies to add to the food baskets that will be passed out to needy families in our church on Christmas day.
                                                           Don and some of the kids
                                                           photo credit: Debi Cowan

I learned while packing the church baskets, that a Honduran tradition is to have sandwiches for Christmas dinner! A treat for them. So their baskets included bread, sandwich meat, mayonnaise and lettuce. 

We bought small gifts for Leidi and gave Concepcion money to help with their expenses of traveling to the mainland for the holidays. They were both so touched.

We’ll be having Christmas dinner with Bob and Debi, making our favorite foods to share with an island family.  This family doesn’t usually celebrate with a special Christmas meal; they can’t afford the luxury.

I must admit, it does seem very strange to not be with family this week. As Rachel said, she has never known a Christmas without us. And then there is little Simon. Six months old. We’re missing his first Christmas and that makes me sad. I wish we could be there with him, but circumstances just don’t allow that this year. I do miss all of our family and friends, but it does no good to dwell on it. Instead, I wish everyone a joyous, stress-free Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas to both of you. What a blessing you are to the people of the island. B R