Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ladies' Luncheon, Island Style

 If you know me, you know that I love ladies' luncheons. I attended one this week at the far western end of the island. Getting there proved to be a bit challenging. I was glad that the rain stopped just before I left the house. It resumed while in route and then stopped again once I reached West Bay. I drove through the parking lot of Infinity Bay and was about to head up the hill to Lighthouse Point when I encountered this sight. Yes, an actual flagger! That's a novelty here. I kept waiting for that big truck hauling that even bigger earth moving machine. I soon realized that he was stuck in the mud. You can see the guys digging him out. Other women began to pile up behind me, all waiting to get up the hill. Finally, he was free and began to move down the hill. He was wider than his lane. By a lot. I had to back up. Which meant the other women had to back up. They managed to pull off to the side enough, but I had to back up more. And more. A little more, until I was finally back in Infinity's Bay parking lot. That became our ice breaker at the luncheon.
 We had about 20 women attended this monthly luncheon. It's been fun getting to know more people.
This luncheon was at Smugglers at the new Meridian development. It's in a fantastically beautiful spot with good swimming and snorkeling right off the beach. Unfortunately, the weather was not that cooperative. I do think this would be a wonderful place to take "our" girls to play.
This picture has been labeled the Roatan Betty Whites. Not sure I'm crazy about that title (although Betty White is one amazing woman). Last month's featured photo was of all the West Bay blondes who are a bit younger than the group above; we had to even it out. We all had a great time.

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