Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Bimbo Bread Man Is Missing!

This is serious! What has happened to the Bimbo Bread man? We've noticed a shortage of bread in the stores for a while now. Sometimes there is no bread to be had and seldom any Bimbo bread. Our pal, Debi, had  wondered about the scarcity recently while in one of the stores and asked the manager about it. He replied that the Bimbo Bread man was missing! No one had seen him in several days and he was apparently the only Bimbo delivery person for Roatan. What could have happened, we wondered.

Tonight, we were escaping the heat and having dinner at Blue Bahia. During a conversation with the owner, the subject of bread came up and he mentioned that they have had to resume baking their own bread because they could not find buns in the stores. He even called Bimbo to ask what was going on, where was the bread? The Honduran office referred him to Miami. Miami wanted to know if he was interested in picking up the Roatan route; no, he replied, he just wanted some buns. They told him to call Bimbo in Mexico. The office in Mexico asked if he was interested in picking up the Roatan route. No, he tiredly replied, he just wanted some buns. They didn't know where the bread man was and couldn't help him with his request for buns. So he had resigned himself to baking his own buns again. He said all of that run-around now made since after hearing our story about the missing Bimbo Bread man.

Only on Roatan.

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  1. that is funny! You could make some money on the side and be the bread woman!