Friday, March 26, 2010

A Walk Through Flowers Bay

Debi called early this morning and invited me to go for a walk in Flowers Bay. This is a treat because not only do you get the ocean view while walking, you get to walk on sidewalks!! 
I love these tiny churches in the most interesting locations!
So glad I remembered to bring my camera today. This little bridge leads out to a bench nestled in the mangroves. Peaceful little spot to sit and rest.
Just enough break in the early morning clouds to allow some silvery beams on the water.
Here's the little bench in the mangroves. Might be a good spot to fish.
At first glance, I thought this was an outhouse perched on top of a large septic tank (for those extra large needs!), but upon closer inspection, I noticed a green hose coming out of the concrete tank and coiled up on the top of it. They surely wouldn't be pumping anything other than water out via a garden hose. Maybe this is an outdoor community shower. Comes with ventilation, too...the door is just leaning up against the opening, leaving a nice crack for airflow.

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