Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Vehicle Adventures

It was too good to be true. We got our car back from the repair shop and the air-conditioner worked! For 14 days. On the 15th day, it was putting out hot air. But, good news! Don found two cans of refrigerant in the grocery store. He had brought an adapter back with us in January which fit nicely on the can and would enable him to simply recharge the a/c unit. The refrigerant was cheap enough, about $5.00, maybe we would just keep it recharged, Don said. So, after church Sunday, Don put the adapter on the can and took it out to the car. Only to discover that the connectors had been changed and the adapter no longer fit. This put Don in a very bad mood and he decided he had had enough and we would just ride around hot from now on. Which wouldn't be quite so bad if the driver's window would go down, but it won't, so the driver gets the most benefit of the heat.
So, 12 months, 2 mechanics and $800.00 later, we're still hot. And likely to remain that way.

Yesterday Don caught a ride into Coxen Hole with our friend Bob, who was going to the bank. Don was making a second attempt to pay the electric bill. Last Friday he went in to the office in Coxen Hole where we have paid the bill the past two months. The office was completely rearranged and he was told that he could no longer pay the Reco bill there. Where can I, he asked and was directed to Credomatic. He wasn't sure what or where that was, and lacking good direction, he came home. Yesterday, he was ready to try again. He asked at Bob's bank, at our bank, and was finally directed waaaay down the street. That turned out to be yet another bank, but not Credomatic. Bob drove down and picked him up and they decided to circle back around (all one way streets) and make another attempt. Bob parked the car on the street and they began searching. Finally, Don found it...almost next door to Bob's bank where he had started out, but it was tucked back a bit and there were no armed guards outside the door like at most banks. He entered a small foyer and there was the Credomatic door with the armed guards just inside. Success!

When he came out from paying the bill, he discovered that Bob was getting a parking ticket! Wow! This was a major event. I've never known anyone to get a parking ticket on this island. There actually is no parking allowed along the one-way Main street, but the signs are few and far between and everyone parks there anyway. There aren't many other options, only a few small parking lots are available. It seems the new mayor is cracking down on all the laws on the books that have seldom or never been enforced. Don suddenly noticed that there were very few cars parked along the street. The fine was pretty steep - $26.00. The policeman walked with Don and Bob over to the Municipal to pay the fine, which Don insisted on paying since he felt partially responsible.

As we have said before, every day is an adventure here.

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