Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No Tammy

We're bummed. We've been looking forward to seeing Don's former secretary, Tammy, and her husband who were due in today on the Carnival Dream. We had planned to meet them in West End after they finished their excursion and show them around. Shoot, we've been cleaning all morning, getting the house ready for visitors.

Our friends, Bob and Debi, were also expecting friends on that same ship who were bringing shoes and school supplies for the island children. They also had friends coming in on another ship today and have been busy planning logistics for picking up and touring with so many people.

Debi just called from Mahogany Bay (the newest cruise ship terminal) to say that both ships due in there today had left the island; the sea was too rough for them to get into the bay and there were already two other ships at the older terminal in Coxen Hole. That news really surprised us because the sea is not at all rough on the north side of the island where we live. Both cruise ship terminals happen to be on the south side where it is apparently much windier today.

So, we're all bummed and I'm certain that all our friends are even more disappointed. Probably no one is more upset than Carnival Cruise Line who spent 67 million dollars building the Mahogany Bay terminal last year and who frequent has ships turned away due to rough seas.

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