Friday, March 19, 2010

Still No Bimbo

We went to French Harbour today to grocery shop. We haven't been in awhile and after Debi told us that the shelves were pretty bare, wait until the end of the week, we had stayed away. We should have waited a bit longer; the shelves are still pretty bare of many items.

We've had a stormy week, lots of rain and wind which makes for a very rough sea. When the water gets that rough, the cruise ships can't navigate the narrow channel through the reef into the Mahogany Bay docks and the ferries don't run, which means no new food shipments. There was virtually no produce to be had, but I don't generally buy my produce at the supermarket anyway. There was also no Bimbo bread! although there were some other types of bread available.

While we weren't able to get everything on our list, we got enough to make do. I noticed the pickup trucks lined up, waiting to get their produce which was being unloaded at one of the docks in French Harbour. That's good news. The sky is now completely clear so I think I'll run down to the West End and check out the veggies.

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  1. I hadn't checked your blog in a while so I was behind on your news! Thanks for posting - it really helps your friends back home feel like we still know you! Missed you at life group tonight although we had a full quorum of 10. Randy and I are about through painting the house - only the laundry room is left. He's leaving for Santa Fe in a week or so to stay a month and get some stuff done there. I've got too many commitments to leave for that long so we'll have to be separated for a while. Miss you guys and glad you're doing well.