Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hiking Carambola Mountain

Don was working up at church today, doing some more repairs on Esmerelda's apartment. Debi and I decided to take her daughter, Emily to Carambola Gardens and do the mountain hike. I wouldn't call it a real mountain, but that's what it's locally called.
We all love to take photos. We found lots of mushrooms growing along the way.
Just before the summit, there is a spot where you can look out toward the west and see our hill. That's Dennis and Merlin's new house, and if you click to enlarge the photo, you can even see their swimming pool and the gardener at work! Our house is not visible from this angle.
Once at the summit, there is a lovely little sitting spot that overlooks Anthony's Key Resort.
Debi, who may be a bigger flower lover than I am, spotted some sunflowers growing and had to go after a seed head. This was a brave act on her part as we had just seen a big snake a few minutes earlier and she hates snakes.
Debi trying out my Tilley hat. Looks pretty good!
From that platform overlooking Anthony's Key, there's a great view of the dolphin pens. Click to enlarge and you'll be able to see people swimming with the dolphins.
Debi and Emily under the massive Cohune Palms as we start our hike back down.
It was a perfect day to go to the garden. Not too many tourists (only one cruise ship today and it wasn't in yet). Not too hot. Good breezes. Lovely.

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