Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Leaping Lizards

I was standing in the kitchen making lunch when I heard crashing noises coming from the trees outside. I looked up just in time to see a long tail? snake? what is that? dangling from a tree limb. For a brief moment I did think it must be a snake, although it didn't look like the boa or a coral snake. Then, interrupting my thoughts, came more crashing noises and movement in the trees - ah, iguanas playing a game of chase. I snuck outside onto the deck as quietly as I could and snapped this picture of a female green iguana relaxing in the sun high up in the Cohune palm. I remember a young island boy telling us how to differentiate between males and females: the females have the striped tails.
This handsome fellow was wandering around near a flower bed. We had never seen such a colorful small lizard before. I like his spots, very distinctive.

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