Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Beginning....

This is Semana Santa, Holy Week. In Honduras that equates to holiday time, and on Roatan, for most visitors, party time. Typically, this is a busy, noisy week with hotels and rental units full, beaches packed,  restaurants busy,  and grocery stores cleaned out. And normally, the residents stay home.

We're already seeing an increased influx of visitors and traffic as well as an increased police presence. The police have been very visible on the roads and in the most touristy areas. Today we found them sort of directing traffic. Mainly they were keeping vehicles from entering West End which caused a bit of a backup. An empty field just outside the entrance to West End was being used for parking. This is a very good thing in my opinion. The beach road in West End frequently gets clogged up with taxis, vans/buses, construction trucks, and pedestrians; it is even worse during Semana Santa.

We were helping our friend, Kris, move again. She found a cute little cottage in West Bay just a short walk from the beach. Fortunately, we only had to make two trips today. Lots of extra traffic along that road this week. And, also fortunately, the rain held off until after we had carried in the last load. We saw more police at the intersection to West Bay Road and in West Bay by the deli where we ate lunch.

We're pretty well stocked up and will probably stick pretty close to home, other than church or getting together with friends, for the rest of the week.

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