Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Spectacular Sunset

The sunset last night was just amazing, one of those that just keeps changing, and lingering. Fantastic colors and cloud formations.

We sat outside on the deck for a long time, watching, enjoying. These are just a few of the many pictures that I took. I'll add the rest to my Picasa album (see link on left side of page). By the way, the pictures that you see running in the slideshow to the left are mine, taken here on the island.

Our cat-sitting started yesterday. Yesterday went well. We trouped up the hill in the late afternoon to feed Moe and play with him for awhile. He was very happy to see us and to have some company. He likes to go outside onto the patio and chase lizards, but we didn't let him out since it was getting to be so late in the day and I wasn't sure how difficult it would be to lure him back inside.

This morning it was raining, hard! I had to wait for the rain to slow down before I could climb the hill to check on Moe. I no sooner got up our steps onto the road than the rain picked up, but I continued onward. It rained harder and harder the farther I went, so I got a bit wet, despite the umbrella. Moe heard me coming and was waiting at the door, so happy to see me. He was very cuddly and affectionate - and hungry! He ate and then was ready to play. We played with his various toys and I got to see a little of the Today show (a treat as we have no t.v.), but the satellite reception was very weak due to the storm going on. Moe quickly got wild and crazy, as Kellie had warned. I had walked across the room, heading towards the "obedience" spray bottle of water when suddenly, he launched himself off one chair, landed on a second chair and then went airborne, landing on my chest and attaching himself to my skin. Ok, that did it! I quickly grabbed the "obedience" and blasted him right in the face (after I had knocked him off me, of course). He is so cute and little, doesn't look like he would turn into such a crazed cat. He probably needs to get outside and chase a lizard or two, but water was pouring across the patio, despite being under roof, so he'll have to stay inside again. I'll make Don go up with me this afternoon in case Moe is planning a second attack.

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