Saturday, January 24, 2009

Construction of La Puerta Trasera

The first bench cut

The second bench cut

Building the retaining wall

Drying the lumber

Roof going on

Windows and doors going in

House stained, deck rail up

These photos show the construction of our house and how steep our hill is. In these photos you can also see that the road had not been paved yet, nor had the entrance stairs been built. You'll notice how close the retaining wall is to the front of the house - this was a real problem in my opinion, but we couldn't move the house. There was also no way to enter the house other than walking down the retaining wall or climbing down that short but very steep hill in front. Merlin saved the day with her suggestion to build the curvy stairway that now graces the front of our house. And Dennis added the railing to the side of the deck that's next to the retaining wall. And Merlin's landscaping helped tremendously. There are more construction pictures in my Picasa album (see link in right column).

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