Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rainy Season Is NOT Over!

The ocean WAS out there....

Our friend, Merlin, was down on our deck a few days ago and commented that "the rainy season is pretty much over now. I don't think we'll have much more rain." Well, it's been raining ever since. We've had 5-1/2 inches of rain this week and the forecast is for rain through Thursday, with a heavy storm expected tonight. Last night was bad enough. Don and I have been wanting to go out to eat for days now, but virtually every restaurant on the island is open air - not exactly where you want to go on a rainy, blustery night. And it's been cool; it was 68 degrees last night! We had to shut the windows and pull up the blanket. (Ok, all you mid-westerners, I know you have no sympathy for us at all, and I don't blame you!)

I pulled out the camo rain ponchos, provided by Rachel and Lance, to wear to church this morning, but thankfully, the rain stopped just long enough for us to get into the car, but, of course, by the time we drove the 2 miles to church, it was raining again. Pastor Chuck and his wife, Tia, were waiting for us on the porch, afraid that no one would show up today. We were just the first of many to arrive, and there was a pretty good crowd.

A young man from Arizona who has been here for a week doing some mission work gave the sermon today, and he was really good. He gave us all a lot to think about from Mark 12: do you love God with everything you have, all the time, no matter what, or do you hold back some little piece of your life that is just for you? Something you don't want God to know about - like that's possible!, or don't want to give up. He said God doesn't want to be #1 in your life because # 2 and #3, etc. are always trying to beat him out and become the new #1, to take over top billing. God wants TO BE your life. Food for thought, for sure.

There was no meal after church today; someone had broken into the church and stolen the offering from the tithe box, and that's the money they use to provide the lunches on Sunday. So we just had coffee and fellowship time. They run a little coffee shop/bakery at the church, and also roast and sell coffee (Java Mon!).

It wasn't raining when we left church, so we quickly decided to take advantage of the lull and go grab a bite to eat. We were beginning to get a touch of cabin fever, so it was nice to be out. It started raining again while we were eating. Every restaurant down here has rain flaps to keep most of the rain and wind out, however, the roof began leaking right above where Don was sitting, so we had to move our table over a bit. Maggie, the resident Doberman who loves everyone, is always so happy when I order the Black Angus burger with blue cheese; she knows I can't eat the whole thing and will share the leftovers. Today, Mark kept trying to keep her away from us (she's really not a pest, she just sits nearby, waiting) and so had closed her in the room off the kitchen and latched the door. Pretty soon, there she was again. She had figured out how to keep bumping into the door until the latch let loose. So he put her back in and adjusted the latch. She did got out again. Smart dog. As soon as the rain let up, we made a run for it and made it back home before the next downpour.

Even Moe is feeling the effects of the rain - he was back to sucking the tip of his tail this morning. He needs a good lizard chase.

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