Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tabyana Beach

Today was another beautiful, sunny day. Another good day for a walk on the beach. We took these pictures on Tabyana Beach in West Bay. If you've ever been here on a cruise ship, this is a popular cruiser destination. We were fortunate to pick an afternoon without a cruise ship in port. The West Bay resorts were also not very full, so not too many people on the beach. Nice! Walking in the surf is extremely good leg exercise. I'm not sure how long Tabyana Beach is, maybe a mile long; we walked from one end to the other and back. That on top of my 2 mile walk this morning and Don's a.m. weight-lifting - whew! We're pooped. And one of us still has to walk up the hill later and check on the cat. Right now I'm just resting, sitting here in the porch swing, sipping some iced tea. Aaaah!

This is last night's gorgeous sunset.

Now the disappointing news from last night is this: LOST was lost. Yup. After looking forward to it all day, walking up the hill just before 7 p.m. and making Don go with me to look out for tarantulas and snakes on the way, we got up there only to discover that Colin and Kaleen's satillite broadcasts only the west coast network programs, not the east coast. Since the west coast is a 2 hour difference, they were just running the early evening news programs and wouldn't be showing LOST until 11 p.m. Horrible time! Some people are sleeping long before then - me! I couldn't even switch over and watch American Idol, too early. And no way to record LOST either. This is enough to ruin a person's day. But Moe was just delighted to have someone to curl up with on the couch.


  1. You can get lost Lost episodes from I'm forever falling asleep and missing endings and so I have to get on the computer the next day and see what I slept through.......Tammy from St. Louis.

  2. Tammy gives good advice. How's your internet access? I tried to videocall you a couple of times but you were offline. When's a good time?

  3. Yes, I had hoped to be able to do just that, however, we are limited to 200MB of downloads per day and streaming video eats that up in a hurry. I'm usually online early in the morning and early afternoon.