Saturday, January 10, 2009

Full Moon

We had a full moon last night. I woke up around 4:30 a.m. and it was very bright. When I got up around 5:30, clouds had moved in, partly obscuring the brightness. I tried numerous shots, but this was the best I could do. Perhaps with a tripod....

The sunset last night was very beautiful and calming. I love the swirls of clouds. Be sure to double click on these to enlarge them. Gorgeous!
We watched this sailboat with the thatched roof come into one of the dive spots on the reef just below us. We got the telescope out and were able to see a sign stretched across the bow of the boat that read: "Booze Cruise - $25.00 per person". Onboard were 2 divers in wet suits, one older, rotund man, obviously not a diver, the captain and mate. I'm thinking "drinking and diving? Not a good idea." Maybe only non-divers are drinking, sort of passing the time, or maybe divers can drink after a dive? I've never seen that before, but who knows. This boat was also towing two small skiffs, maybe for the drunks?? Anyway, we found it interesting.

Meanwhile, I was doing laundry and hanging it out to dry. Wonderful breeze today, everything is drying quickly. I was thinking how much more delightful it is to do laundry here, with the laundry room accessible from my deck and a fabulous view always in sight, than it is to wash back in St. Louis, in my basement laundry room.

Lots of fishing boats out today. It rained pretty hard last night. Does that make for good fishing? Speaking of fish, we had some yummy yellow tail snapper last night that we bought fresh at the Flying Fisherman in Coxen Hole yesterday. Fantastic! We also bought our usual red snapper. We had never tried the yellow tail before but were assured that it was very tasty, and it was. I asked the senora if the shrimp vendor on the street was safe to buy from. She asked if he was the tall, skinny guy, white cooler, standing by the Catholic church. I said he was, and she said he was ok, good shrimp, doesn't freeze, thaw, refreeze like some of the street vendors, keeps the shrimp plenty cold, so on our way back to our car we stopped and bought two pounds of fresh shrimp. Shrimp is in season now. We bought nice, big shrimp for $5.00/lb. Our snapper was about $4.00/lb and they do a nice job of fileting the fish.

We're going up to Dennis and Merlin's tonight for dinner. She's fixing pork, island style. Dennis had to drive over to Flowers Bay to get the breadfruit that is apparently part of the meal. I've never had breadfruit before. I'll let you know how it was.

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  1. Hey, just to let you know I'm reading your blog. Can't always do it faithfully, 'cuz when I'm working I have no business doing other things on the computer much. Cara's finally got me writing on the Miss Manners message boards, and I'm afraid that's going to trip me up by itself. Sorry that I didn't realize you were leaving so soon--I was afraid it might be before I saw you again after your Christmas company, and obviously it was. Glad to hear things are reasonably good down there in Paradise. It's cold here today, very cold wind and freezing temps. You're in a better place. Cara goes back to ACU tomorrow; think she's hoping for warmer weather down there, too!