Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's a dewlap!

I just learned that my little green friend is actually an anole, a type of lizard, and not a gecko and that his puffed out red throat is called a dewlap and may be shown during courtship or assertion of territorial rights. I thank my daughter's long-time friend, Jenny, who is now an elementary school teacher. She pointed me to Wiki-pedia where I read all about this guy as well as the many true geckos who share our home and who are, indeed, the source of the chirping noises that we so often hear.

Also, thanks to Don's friend Daryl, our tree frog is now named "Kilroy". I suspect he is a Cuban tree frog, based on what I read on Wiki-pedia.

Now I'm wondering about this very odd insect that has taken up residence on the hand towel in our bathroom. He appears to have knees, well, more probably elbows - large, round ones, on his front legs. Don thought he was dead, too, but when I moved the towel, he moved slightly. He also has odd shaped wings. I'm guessing he's a type of fly, but don't really know.

In other animal updates, Kellie reports that Moe is now being terrorized by another cat and has twice been "treed". I wonder if it is the same cat that Don saw come sauntering out of their house like he owned the joint.

Dennis reports that all of his dogs have been sick. Wonder what they've gotten into. And Merlin is already tired of the noisy parrots her friend "loaned" her. I imagine they'll be going home pretty soon.

I have heard from some of you mid-westerners that it is pretty chilly up there and that you've been enjoying some snow and ice. Really sorry to hear that. Really, really glad I'm here. The weather here is fantastic. We had a great visit yesterday afternoon, sitting on our deck, with our Canadian friends, Debi and Bob, a recently retired pastor. We were happy to learn that they love cribbage - we've been trying, unsuccessfully, to learn to play by reading Hoyle's. So far, we don't get it. They've agreed to teach us. I was also happy to learn that Bob has all 8 seasons of West Wing on DVD!

I just returned from getting my 190 lempira haircut (slightly less than $10.) and we'll soon be off to our $6. Spanish lessons. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.

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