Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Early Rainbow

I noticed this rainbow very early this morning before it rained.

Then it alternated between rain

and sun, but always windy and the sea was choppy.

The rain started just as Don got up on the ladder at the edge of the house to install another motion light, so he hopped off the ladder and went under the house to wait. Our young gardener, Julio, was working in the yard along side the road, not minding the rain until it started to pour. I went out onto the deck and motioned him to come in out of the rain, which he gladly did. Don was just stuck under the house until the rain let up. Then everyone went back to work.

I've noticed that concrete tends to get really ugly in all this rain, starting with greenish streaks and then changing to black. Mold, I guess. Most unattractive on our formerly white, curvy entrance steps. So I was out there this morning with my bucket of Green Works and broom, scrubbing away. Looks better but the retaining wall....

Julio finished up today after five days of hard work on our steep yard. He does fantastic work! I am so pleased. I didn't have to watch him for fear that he would cut down the wrong tree, or check to see if he was enjoying a very long siesta instead of working, or argue with him about what I wanted him to do. Merlin came down with him the first day, gave him instructions after checking with me, and he got right to work. And he cleaned up after himself and didn't just pile the clippings up along our property line and leave it. I hope we can get him again when the yard needs attention. He'll be working for Merlin next week.

We almost went to a birthday party last night for a friend of ours from church. She lives along the beach behind the church. I had to ask how to get down to her house and was given directions which seemed clear enough at the time. We didn't factor in darkness - really dark - or that there would be so many houses, almost all behind walls and gates, along that road. Did I mention that it was a really dark road? And what a road! Mercy. I doubt that it has ever been graded and is just one large swale after another. We were rockin' and rollin'. So we bounced up and down this road, trying to find a large yellow house, thinking, how hard can it be to find a yellow house. Never saw it. Nor did we see any signs of a crowd gathering for a party. I don't think we could have been down the wrong road, but who knows. Finally, we just came home.

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