Sunday, February 1, 2009

Please, may I have a bite?

We had lunch at Eagle Ray after church today. It's one of our favorite on-the-water restaurants. They have several pet parrots who sometimes wander around looking for a treat. This guy was trying his best to charm me.

When that didn't work, he hopped on my foot. That got my attention! I didn't think he would care for my fish - I think he's a vegetarian, so that just left the french fries. I gave him a little bite after warning him about the danger of cholesterol. He begged for another bite or two, then seemed satisfied.

We were happy to see that the beach road had been graded. It had been a miserable travel experience whether walking or driving. The vegetable trucks were parked along the road and had beautiful tomatoes, eggplant and watermelon - also fresh green beans! Yum.

Last night we went up the hill to watch a movie with Colin and Kellie. Colin had bought several movies from the movie pirates who stand outside the grocery stores and at the gas stations, offering recently released movies for about $4-5 each. We watched Australia with Nicole Kidman which seemed like a very long movie that should have ended multiple times before it did. The quality was iffy - sometimes the movie would just pause for a bit, then go on, and once it paused and seemed to jump ahead a bit. It was also difficult to understand the speech, whether because of the Aussie accents or a volume problem, I'm not sure. What can you expect for $4., huh? He also had gotten Marley and Me, but Kellie didn't want to watch that until she finishes reading the book.

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